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The Completely NEW Bar-B-Cruise website is ready, it has taken over 3 weeks to completely rebuild.
I have made over 250 phone calls to confirm the dates and gather the info on each event.


Bar-B-Cruise will no longer be open to general public, searchable on the internet .....for 2 reasons
1. Some "out of state" websites have been taking content I gather (by making over 250 phone calls) and coping (Stealing) my work and posting it to their "out of state" websites.
2. The event contact persons personal information such as Cell phone, Home phone, & Email were being listed on those "out of state" websites without their permission or my permission.

As a result I am forced to make these changes.

You must send me an email at to get the link to the NEW Bar-B-Cruise website. It is Still completely FREE.

The New Bar-B-Cruise website has over 250 events listed for 2017


Marshall @
Marshall Entertainment

Legal....The Phrase "Bar-B-Cruise" and "Bar B Cruise" is a Registered Trademark.

Please be advised that the use of the "Bar-B-Cruise" and "Bar B Cruise" mark in association with merchandising, promotions, or events constitutes trademark infringement and unfair competition. Marshall Ent. is the owner of the mark "Bar-B-Cruise" and
"Bar B Cruise" for merchandising, promotions, events and All related products. Marshall Ent. owns several federal and state registrations directed to the mark, including U.S. Registration No. 2,140,734, which was issued to this company and is now incontestable.